Tuesday, March 9, 2010


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Living in the dorms, there is a kitchen, but by no means can you cook or bake with it. I believe someone cooked fish in there a few months back and there is still burnt fish skin around the stove, and spots of olive oil on the area where a back-splash should be.
So, when I go home, I bake. Next time I would like to try my hand at some bread, and maybe a little cooking. The purpose of this blog, therefore, will be to chronicle those adventures. I will try to include recipes, yet for now, some pictures will have to suffice.

I went home for the long weekend last week (this is an old blog reposted here, because I have been dissatisfied with Tumblr and have moved here, but keep reading knowing that "last week" was now about a month ago, heheh...), and while home I was able to bake some Tom Thumbs. I have been eating these cookies for as long as I remember. They definitely have a target audience, as not everyone appreciates shredded coconut or walnuts, but that’s ok, because if no one else eats them, I sure will.

Following, are some photos:

It's messy...I know.

"Mix until fluffy."

First Layer Baking


Final Product. Yum.

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