Monday, January 17, 2011

Butter Tarts

I'll admit that picture looks pretty gross; but that just goes to show that it is what is on the inside that matters.

My favorite food is raisins.  They are nature's candy, and they become (candy)^2  when combined with butter, brown sugar, and corn syrup in this lovely family recipe (which, sorry, but I won't share).  

The crust is a basic pie pastry (something I have certainly improved in making since the pumpkin pies of Thanksgiving and Christmas), both buttery and flaky.  

On my last day at home during winter vacation my best friend (aka Mom) and I made these together.  Not once did I attempt to commandeer the baking process (another improvement), and the tarts tasted all the better for it, I'm sure. 

I won't bake again until I go home for the 3-day weekend in February, but I see much baking in my future.  Why, you ask? 

Today I found out that my application has been approved and I will have my own studio apartment in June!  I will be able to bake, cook, and blog to my heart's content with reckless abandon, without fear of the countless germs that loom in the dorm kitchen but will be recognized enemies in my pristine studio. 

Truly home, sweet home (away from home).

(only remembered to take a plated photo after I had taken a few bites, oops)

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  1. Thanks for the lovely sentiments hon, it's no surprise about forgetting the picture, they looked so good, we just had to dive right in.