Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spinach and Feta Quiche

J'adore la quiche.  Hey, I took 6 years of French, and I can at least say that (and enough to muddle through a French Club pique-nique for Bastille Day).  I made this quiche for the get-together, and I think it was well-enjoyed, as I was only left with 2 slices.  Delicieuse.

I had made the same recipe sans tomates a week before for my Mom's first visit to my nouvelle apartement.  The first one was good, but the second one was definitely a charm.

Faux pas: do NOT buy any other spinach than frozen, CHOPPED spinach.  I made the mistake on the first quiche of not buying chopped, and it was very stringy, and grass clod unappetizing looking.  Green is good, but not this much green.

Case in point: Green onions=good green, especially with nice white cheeses

Also, I am becoming a bit pie obsessed.  I could literally eat pie crust with every meal of the day.  More pie crusts to come.  Decorating is fun!

If you are a lazy  busy college student like me, then I have a tip for you: after you've eaten as much quiche as you can handle the first day of making this, freeze individual slices.  Pop a slice in the microwave for a minute in and a half in the microwave, and voila!  Dinner!  Sure the crust will not be quite as crumbly, but good eggy, cheesy, oniony, spinachy deliciousness will still be there. 

Spinach and Feta Quiche from Sunset: Vegetarian Cooking

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  1. Do you make anything else with feta? I put it in almost everything I eat. I'm by no means a chef (not even amateur) but I mix feta, cottage cheese, and sprinkle Cheez-It dust on top and eat it as chip dip.