Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chocolate Revel Bars

Although I've made both chocolate chip banana bread, and granola since making this indulgently tasty, yet ridiculously easy cookie, I won't bore you with my old favorites.  While I love banana bread, I seem to have fallen into a banana rut.  I blame my Grandmother, who purposefully leaves out bananas to become overripe so that when I come home I will bake with them: banana bread, banana muffins, banana...  The granola I own up to though.  There is nothing like crunchy, sweetly spiced oats.  

I love oats.  Wholesome alone.  Hearty for breakfast.  Comforting as a cookie.  Plus, it's a whole grain, so let's just forget the sugar bomb of sweetened condensed milk that goes into this recipe for now. 

From Better Homes and Gardens' New Cook Book 15th Edition (another old favorite).