Friday, November 11, 2011

Court's Clicks: 11/11/11

11/11/11 at 11:11 am! I will admit that I purposefully set my post to schedule for then, heheh.

Since I've set a goal to post at least two times a week (but hopefully more!) on here, I thought I'd add a little fun Friday post in which I will share with you my favorite blog posts, recipes, and laugh-inducing/girly/cat things I discover on my quest around the web throughout the week.

Basically, anything that I would bookmark or email to a girlfriend or my lovely Momma may find its way on to here.

And so, friend, I present you with my very first Court's Clicks.  Enjoy!

This gal is pretty much the reason why I even wanted to start this blog in the first place, and this post is the encouragement that I needed to hear to get back into it.

My 20th birthday is this Saturday, and I sure would love it if RecipeGirl sent me this cake.

As I enter a new decade and leave my childhood behind me (though I can't deny I'll always be a kid at heart), these peanut butter cup fluffernutter blondies remind me of one of my favorite sandwiches I had as a kid that my mom would sometimes make for me as a special lunch-time treat.

So, if you didn't already gather that I am an abnormal college student from the fact that I like spending my weekend nights blogging about recipes, the fact that I am now exposing myself as a cat-lady-at-heart with this thing I check almost daily for laughs will surely do the trick.

Case in point: my favorite pillow sitting atop my bed.

Now that you have the evidence of my procrastination at your fingertips, I invite you to waste time with me by checking them out.  

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