Friday, November 18, 2011

Court's Clicks: 11/18/11

Last week I somehow had a lot of time on my hands.  This week, not so much.  I finished one paper, but still have another to go, plus some reading, and a film to watch.  Can it be Thanksgiving yet?

All the same, I managed to waste a little time and find some yummy links (or rather links to yummy recipes, that would be weird if I could actually eat links).

These Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookie Caramel Brownies look like a delicious dessert to drown my homework sorrows in with a big tumbler of cold milk.

To make up for that indulgence, I should probably eat some vegetables.  Would you believe that my favorite vegetable is a Brussels sprout?  I think if you ate them this way you would like them too.

I'm going to make the link list short this week, but I leave you with a final fun and frilly website.  One of my new favorite things to do to relax is paint my nails and listen to some music or a podcast.  Please excuse the name, but here is some great inspiration.

Expect a new recipe from me next week.  In the meantime, feast your eyes on the delicious breakfast of Eggs Benedict that I ate last weekend for my birthday.

Even the sky gave me a present for my 20th birthday.  Best.  Weekend.  Ever.

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