Friday, February 3, 2012

Court's Clicks: 2/3/2012

This week, the web has been all abuzz about Sunday's Superbowl.  Please don't be angry with me, but I must confess that I don't even know where the Superbowl is, or which teams are playing this year, or even who the half-time performer will be.

Does this make me a bad American? (Maybe).

Rest assured, though. While many Americans will be channeling their inner warrior to root for their team in a return to primal emotions, I will be facing my own Superbowl.

A Superbowl of Homework. The Team of Me versus the Team of the legal memo I have to write, and the French midterm I need to study for, and the Shakespeare tragedy I need to read.

A Superbowl is a Superbowl, when all is said and done, however, and every Superbowl party needs delicious appetizers.  So, this week, I bring you links of some snacks I think would be great for building up your stamina, whether you exhaust yourself by cheering from the couch, or as a student, by joining me in the battle against homework assignments.

First, these Spinach Gruyere Puff Pastry Pinwheels combine the necessary pop-in-your-mouth ease of any appetizer with a little class, not normally found amidst the Superbowl snack table of chips and meat on toothpicks.

"Taste the rainbow" not with artificial, multicolored fruit candy, but with this idea for rainbow fruit kabobs, both colorful and refreshing.

Return to some classic Superbowl fare with this clever and easy idea for Mini Corn Dog Muffins.

End your snack crawl with something sweet! Keeping with the appetizer theme, I suggest this Peanut Butter "Cheese" Ball paired with cookies or graham crackers for dipping.

May your weekend be filled with numerous touch downs and good eats :)


  1. Although I did have some idea who was in the superbowl...I didn't watch it. Not even a second. I could have used some of these appetizers, though, for sure! Good luck with all your schoolwork.

  2. I only watched part of it, but it was a good game! And a nice snack collection there. Sometimes junk food just works.