Monday, March 12, 2012

Banana Oat Smoothie

Cold banana oatmeal?

Shredded oats and banana ice?

Nah, banana oat smoothie sounds much more appetizing.  Oats add a wonderful richness and nuttiness to this smoothie.

We're creating a complete and balanced breakfast here.  It's refreshing, portable, and best of all, quick to make.  Perfect for those mornings when you are hammering on the keyboard to finish a paper and do not have the time to think about breakfast.

Instead, stick it all in a blender and push the on button.  Enjoy while finishing that homework, you procrastinator, you (I mean, me).

Banana Oat Smoothie
Adapted from

Yields: 1 medium sized smoothie


1 cup ice 
1 banana, sliced into chunks
1/4 cup plain yogurt
1/4 cup old fashioned rolled oats
1/4 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp honey
Splash of milk


Partially blend ice and oats.  Add remaining ingredients and blend until creamy.

Tip: Add a sprinkle of cocoa powder to this smoothie for an extra treat--think Mexican Hot Chocolate, but cold, and with a banana added in the mix.


  1. I like the creaminess that yogurt adds to smoothies, but I don't like yogurt, so when there's too much in a smoothie, I don't enjoy it. But 1/4 cup sounds just about right. And I would totally be adding cocoa powder to mine! :)

  2. The bananas in themselves make the smoothie creamy, and the addition of oats helps too. You could definitely leave the yogurt out if you wanted!

  3. Yummm I love smoothies! :) I make them almost everyday. This one looks delish!

  4. This sounds so tasty -- and like something I would love for breakfast! I'm a huge banana fan. And I would totally add the chocolate on top . . . yum!