Saturday, March 3, 2012

Court's Clicks 3/3/12

Definitely a frustration picture right there.  When you are feeling upset, just knead some bread dough, and you will soon feel better.  I'll bring you the recipe for that next week, but first I'm going to vent a little (and on a lighter note, give you some tasty links).

I've been feeling overwhelmed--maybe that's why I made that bread.  I just needed to punch something.  The end of the quarter is fast approaching, and with it, two 10 page term papers, a French midterm, and lots of things to be reading.  So, please forgive me if I'm a little late in posting on the blog, as was the case with this weeks Court's Clicks.  I haven't forgotten about you though, dear readers, and I hope you won't forget about me either if I become buried beneath a pile of papers and exams!

Now, on to the links and a deep sigh of relief:

I eat a lot of bananas, but as one person, I can never eat a whole bunch fast enough before at least one or two turn spotty. So, I often gravitate toward banana recipes.  These Brown Butter Banana Bread Cookies are a nice change from your usual quick bread, and I have fond memories of eating a similar Chocolate Banana Cream Pie in my university's dining commons last year (one of the few things I actually miss).

Cake batter everywhere!  From Pancakes to Muddy Buddies.  Sprinkles promised.

And again, because I am banana obsessed at the moment: Banana Split Pie.

Did I mention that I had a banana smoothie for breakfast this morning too?  It tasted something like this.

Until next week! :)


  1. Thanks for the links! Looking forward to the bread. And I have the same banana problem - I can't eat them fast enough, so I'm always looking for recipes that use overripe bananas. Thanks!