Friday, April 13, 2012

Court's Clicks: 4/13/12

Friday the 13th!  Eeeek!  It started scarily enough, anyway.

Today, I woke up to the sound of thunder (keep in mind that I was sleeping with earplugs).  At first I thought it was the garbage truck dropping the dumpster on my car or something.  Nope.  Just your usual irate weather.

That's OK, though.  I needed a little excitement because most of my week has looked like this:

Library time.  Lots of reading, and lots and lots of writing.  In two of my classes I have to write my autobiography (one in English and one in French--as if I can even understand my life in my native tongue bahahah).  Oh, and then I did some self-imposed autobiographical writing to boot.  

Rainy days make doing homework a bit easier, I suppose.  Of course, with homework comes procrastination, which means blog surfing.

I present the fruits of my labor:

If you are a LOTR geek like me (in which case you should need no explanation of the meaning of "LOTR") then don't hesitate to check out this cake!

I feel like I link to this blog practically every Friday, but the recipes look just too good not to do so.  Case in point: Dry Roasted Edamame with Cranberries.

Finally, another reason for joy: Joy the Baker's Ten (Super Rad) Blog Post Ideas.  I'm definitely planning to use some of these to spiff up the 'ol blog a little in the future.

Happy Friday!  


  1. Oh man. Love all the links! I love all of the recipes at Shutterbean, too! She and Joy are probably my two favorite bloggers.

  2. Thanks! Yes, Joy and Tracy are the best :)

  3. Haha, who ever thought mullets were a good idea? On the contrary, these cookies look wonderful. I love me some salty-sweet!

  4. Thanks, Colleen! And, honestly...I don't know! Whenever I ask my mom why she would have put me through such hair trauma as a youth, she reasons that it was to keep my hair out of my face. Uh...bobby pins?!! haha